Hermes Picture

Ugh, god. Every time I draw ringlets, they end up looking like shit. Literally! Haw haw.

No but srsly, it's really sad because I love Hermes SO much but I have to avoid drawing him so I don't develop ulcers xD

And yes, Hermes is inspired by the Greek god in more than just his name. x3 Let's see. . he's on the track team as a sprinter. .he draws little wings on his converse. .he's a vicious gossip. .he's Eros' boyfriend (that has nothing to do with Greek mythology tho) and has a huuuge crush on Hercules (neither does that). He's also one of my only strictly gay characters. :3

I felt kind of guilty about not shading it, but I think it would have looked like crap soooo, enjoy basecolours!Hermes <3
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