Death and Circumstance ch 15, pg. 4 Picture

Death and Circumstance
Chapter 15, Page 4

Stopped giving a f*ck about summaries months ago, but here's one for the five people who will read this. Hades gets turned into a kitten by Eros and thrown into the modern day world where he is taken care of by an angry woman named Daisy who has nothing in life except a ditzy best friend named Chelsea....her interest in whom she can't seem to explain to the god of the underworld. Blah blah blah Hades begins to realize he's a jackass in this chapter.

Started as a "I WONDER WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I WROTE A THING WHERE..." session with my little brother....who enjoys not talking to me anymore. They all leave eventually. I am so alone. This entire comic will be half-assed until complete. Then if I have reasons to continue with my miserable, isolated existence I will clean it up and make it pretty and redo it, for the viewing pleasure of all five of you.

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