Bunch O' Pictures Picture

These drawings are used for an art project that involved with the people of Greece and its mythology.


Ah, I haven't been able to update my gallery, huh? Just looking at my past deviations make me quite ashamed of myself, so I couldn't help it but to add a few stuff that I recently made.

If you've ever been wondering where I've been during the past weeks (or a couple months), I've--well--been a bit busy with work and German studies--and books, and books of chronology!--and on top of that, I just didn't feel like updating my gallery for a while (until it felt really required for me.) But, I'm updating just to let you guys know that I'm still drawing. I'm still drawing, sketching, coloring, experimenting, painting, inking like the usual.

I'm sorry to those who gave and made me gifts for I did not receive them yet. (A-haha. Ha ... ha. <.<) You'll get a passing chance for me to take a look at them if you note me. Thank you for the presents, greetings, and love you have sent, even if I don't know whether you guys have done so, or not.

Crow's been helping me with my German.

I'm losing my English.

♠ Ace ♠
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