Hades and Persephone Picture

The universe was divided into three shares since the beginning of time: the first part (heaven and earth), was designed to Zeus. The second part (sea) was designed to Poseidon, and the third part (underworld) was designed to hades. Sometimes Hades liked going dea depths of hell and lie in a valley, and one day, Aphrodite and Eros were walking in that place frequented Hades began to talk about the power of Aphrodite. Eros desafioui his mother to say that the power of Aphrodite does not work with Hades, so she decided to prove his power, hit the god with the arrow of Eros. The moment it was hit, Hades felt something strange when looking at the first woman who went after it happened, he fell in love. This woman was Persephone, daughter of Demeter (goddess of all cultivated land). Completely in love, Hades kidnapped Persephone and took her to the underworld. Demeter noting that her daughter was missing, evidence searches decided to find out where her daughter was, and soon realized that it was in the underworld. Demeter asked the help of Zeus, but the same can not do much to help her, then asked Zeus to accompany Demeter Hermes to the underworld to try to negotiate with Hades. After much discussion, it was decided that Persephone Passaris six months in the underworld with her husband and six months with the mother. They say that during the six months that Persephone spends with her mother, the flowers are born and no rain, and during the six months that Persephone spends with Hades, the leaves dry and no rain.

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