Cupid the Guardian of Love Picture

When I say Cupid...what is the first thing that come to your mind?

In this day in age, we automatically thought of a small naked baby with wings armed with a bow and arrow on Valentine's day.

But back then, he's nothing like that. During the days of Paganism, Cupid is a rather hot guy whose skills is enough to dub him as the Robin Hood of the Gods. Just not going up against corrupt cops and government officials in order to help the oppressed.

More like...somewhere between Green Arrow of the JLA and Hawkeye of Marvel's Avengers


Now I know that there are tons of versions of this guy on deviantArt ever since the first view of the trailers of Rise of the Guardians (and also when the film finally hits theaters), Hell they even genderbend him. While some does acknowledge the mythos and possibly the complex history behind the holiday, this image is what I have in mind. (I have a habit on bringing the Greco-Roman pantheon to modern times...)

The best known example of him is the creator,
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