Daphne, the Tree-Girl Picture

Daphne was a young lady in Greek mythology that most people remember as being turned into a tree. I read up a little on the myth.

Apparently Apollo made the mistake of teasing Eros (Cupid) when the little god of love was a boy, and the kid retaliated by unleashing 2 of his arrows. Most people know of the Love Arrows, who can make the recipient fall in love with the first person they see after getting hit; but not everyone knows about the lead-tipped Arrows of Spite. These arrows were rarely shot by Eros, but when they were, it caused the unfortunate victim to hate, despise, and abhor whoever was in love with them.

In the myth, Apollo was hit with a love arrow, and a nearby nymph named Daphne was hit with a spite arrow, and havoc ensued. Apollo was in love with the girl, but she HATED him & ran for her life. She wanted nothing to do with him. Apollo pursued her all over Greece, madly in love. Finally Daphne called on the gods for help, & I think 1 of them turned her into a tree. So when Apollo finally reached her, Daphne was no longer a nymph, but a tree, which he made into 1 of his sacred symbols.

I put Daphne in a green dress to symbolize her soon-to-be tree status, and she has a short skirt for running. The leaves & gold swirling around her are the magic transforming her into a tree.
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