Blind Follies - Mini Aphrodite Picture

Mini version of Aphrodite from my comic WIP “Blind Follies."

After winning Eris’s Golden Apple of Discord as prize “For the fairest," she never lets it out of her sight, bathing in its golden light as she gazes upon her own reflection in her garden pools. It is only after The Princess Psyche reaches adulthood that her title of fairest is challenged as she sends her son, Eros, to exact her revenge on the innocent girl. The seeds of what seems to be a small problem grow and the curse of the apple fulfills its purpose.

This may become a button available for purchase at a later date once I’m able to complete more of the set.

**edit: Made some minor changes to the face, added some cleaner outlines, fixed the heart on the circlet, and a few other minor touches.

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