Rainbows and Arrows Picture

Doodle done in English class - coloured it 6 minutes ago.

The background was a light light blue - but the scanner didn't pick it up. Ah well - It's still cute <3

Chibi form of my two most favorites Gods - Eros [link] and Iris [link]) (click on Iris - mythology)

I love Eros cause... He's just damn awesome =3 and Iris cause... well, why do u think? X3 She's also the patron god of Rainbows and the official Messenger of the Gods - not Hermes as he's always depicted.

Eros turned out a bit cuter than Iris, and she looks more like a boy than a girl. Still cute ^^ Also - I didn't give Eros wings cause they'd be in Iris' way.

Comments please!
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