Protogenoi Picture

These are the Protogenoi, the first-born gods of Greek mythology. They generated all other gods.

CHAOS/AER: goddess of chaos, void and mist, the first thing to emerge, mother of birds by Eros.

THESIS: goddess of creation, she separated other things from Chaos.

PHYSIS/NATURA: goddess of nature and its order.

HYDROS: god of primordial waters, separed from the mud by Thesis.

GAIA/TELLUS: goddess of earth and mother of animals, separed from the mud by Thesis.

TARTARUS: god of the dark abyss beneath the earth.

EROS/AMOR: god of desire, which give start to everything, father of birds, as well as other flying creatures, by Chaos.

CHRONOS/AEON: god of time, son of Hydros and Thesis, husband of Ananke.

ANANKE/NECESSITAS: goddess of destiny and inevitability, daughter of Hydros and Thesis, wife of Chronos.

PHANES: hermaphroditical god of procreation, child of Chronos and Ananke, which hatched from the world egg, and completion of Eros.

NYX/NOX: goddess of night, daughter of Chaos and/or Phanes, mother of a moltitude of spirits, wife of Erebus.

EREBUS/AVERNUS: god of darkness, son of Chaos and/or Phanes, personification of the underworld, husband of Nyx.

AETHER: god of bright air and light, son of Nyx and Erebus, husband of Hemera.

HEMERA/DIES: goddess of the day, daughter of Nyx and Erebus, wife of Aether.

URANUS/CAELUM: god of the high sky, son of Gaia.

PONTUS: god of the sea floods, son of Gaia, husband of Thalassa and father of fishes by her.

OUREA/MONTES: gods of the mountains, children of Gaia.

NESOI/INSULAE: goddesses of the islands, mountains daughters of Gaia casted into the sea.

THALASSA/MARE: goddess of the sea, daughter of Aether and Hemera, wife of Pontus and mother of fishes, as well as other sea creatures, by him.

TYPHON: monstrous god of storms, hurricanes and fire, son of Gaia and Tartarus.

KAMPE: monstruous goddess drakaina (she-dragon), guard of Tartarus, daughter of him and Gaia.

Genealogy of the gods is variable according to sources and this is only my free interpretation, a very free-one.

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