Happy Family of Greek Mytholog Picture

This is a depiction of the Greek God Eros and his family (aka Cupid or Amor ) who despite popular belief that he is a winged cherub with a diaper and an infant, was originally in Chaos theory the first born child of the universe and creator of all other gods, the greeks later watered this down to him being the son of Aphrodite and the early Christians made him into a cherub. I like the second version best as it involves a sweet little story told in a book called " The Golden Ass" 2nd century

In this story Eros is a young god who shots arrows at people either made of gold ( to make them fall into love or lust ) or lead (to make them indifferent or miserable ) all the gods could fall pray to Eros and thus even Zeus was cautious of him and he had more power than Aphrodite as he could allegedly affect dead souls

Aphrodite was angry at a mortal named Pysche who was being worshiped like a goddess because of her extreme beauty, she sent her son to cause Pysche to fall in love with someone far beneath her, however upon seeing the beautiful girl (who was quite miserable because though she was worshipped she was not loved as a woman) Eros was astonished and fascinated to the point of pity and then she woke up and looked directly at him even though he was invisible thus with Pysche, the god of sex fell head over heals in love . Supposedly in his amazement he cut himself with his own arrow but by this point he was pretty much in love anyway so.

Unable to leave her he arranged to marry her, and came to her at night only wishing she not look at him and leave all lights off and they did love each other. But he desired her love as an equal not the adoration of a mortal for a god. Psyche had she known probably would have understood seeing she was worshipped rather than loved.
and finally had someone to love her for her own sake.

However her sisters jealous of her wealth convinced her she was married to a snake monster and she must light a candle and look at him and if he is a monster kill him. She did this and once she say the handsome god she was so astounded that she forget the oil lamp and began kissing him and removing his clothes (might have worked out if the oil hadn't fell) a drop of oil fell on his shoulder and he awoke angry and hurt and so left through the window the palace disappearing.

Psyche devastated at her loss went through many trials at the hands of her unhappy mother - in - law Aphrodite to try and re gain her husbands love. Which she had never really lost for he secretly helped her in her tasks along with several other friend gods

In the end he saved Pysche from an eternal slumber caused by her having to much curiousity and defying Persephone's orders during one of her trials. After this Eros could not stand a longer seperation from his beloved and asked Zeus to help. He agree as long as Eros agreed to stop shooting arrows at him so often and Psyche was flown to Olympus and made a god

Later they had a daughter Pleasure (also Bliss or Volupta varying version)

This is a family portrait Happy Valentine's Day

and yes Pleasure is playing with the arrows someone has to take over when her parents are off ..... having a Happy Valentine's ^_-

the kid is their daughter Pleasure ( which is up there on a list of things celebrities shouldn't name their kids sigh )
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