Eros : Charming Wings Picture

Eros, second-born of four. Aphrodite's child and Hermaphroditos's brother.

The other Erote brothers...

: Pothos
: Himeros

Yeah, he knows he's hot. Okay, get this: guess which historical figure's famous portrait I ripped his pose off of? Effing Charles II. Yeah, that pimpmaster Stuart King. Only, his face was in 3-quarter point view, and as you might see if you look very closely, I erased my attempt at the same view. The position was the only real reference, I made up the anatomy, wings, etc. since, obviously Charlesie wasn't 3/4 naked. Originally Eros was going to be surrounded by girls, one kneeling between his legs, one on each arm...a centauress, mermaid, etc...but I ended up not following through with that...Eros just demands all the attention. His lips are too big. :/

Another one of those "I didn't put clothes on him because his body came out too good" drawings. He was originally going to have roman sandals all laced up, one of those kilted skirt things, armour, rings, etc...but yeah. Instead he gets semi-transparent linen and a loin cloth. Sorry <.__.^ I also had issues because this was a full 9"x12" page, and I had to work hard to get it all in, hence the stupid spine holes [Which I partially covered over in paint, but yeah.]

Getting those wings to match was a bitch, and they still don't.

[Drawn 5.09.04]
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