Apollo and Daphne Picture

This is my rendering of Apollo and Daphne.
This scene is how I pictured their first meeting would have been, before Eros released his arrows at them..

I liked their story ever since I first read it. Apollo was hit by the love-exciting arrow while Daphne was hit by the repelling one, making her turn away from him and chose to be a laurel tree than to be with Apollo..

Mythology didn't say anything of their real feelings for each other, but in my renditions, I wanted to show that they fell in love with each other (I think that would have been likely since Apollo was one of the gods that had many admirers and Phoebe was said to be very beautiful) before Eros hit them with his arrows..

..I put a glow around Apollo to show that he is a god, and because he is the sun-god of Greece.. I chose green and brown as Phoebe's colors to make it a bit more tree-like..the dried leaves littering the ground was to give contrast to her dress...

hope you like it.,!^^
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