Aphrodite Picture

You know by now that I like ancient mythology, right? Well, now that I've passed two more uni courses, I figured I'd use this completely free weekend to draw another Greek god. Artemis and Hermes, my favourites by far, have already had their fair share, so here's something different for you.

Meet Aphrodite (Roman name: Venus), goddess of love, beauty and pleasure, and therefore a natural enemy of Artemis, who protects virginity. Roughly put, every story that's been told about this woman involves sex, so of course I had to depict her as a seductive, confident woman, posing in pink and heavenly scenery. She's usually accompanied by doves and baby Eros (or Cupid, if you wish); I also added two other common attributes, namely an apple and a mirror.

This one was fun to draw. Slightly wrong perhaps, and nothing like the usual stuff, but still fun.
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