Eros: God of Love Picture

couldn't come up with a good title...

now some wikipedia time cuz i'm too lazy to write up a proper description:
"In Greek mythology, Eros was the primordial god responsible for lust, love, and sex; he was also worshipped as a fertility deity. His name is the root of words such as erotic. His Roman equivalent was Cupid, "desire", also known as Amor, "love". He was often associated with Aphrodite. Like Dionysus, he was sometimes referred to as Eleutherios, "the liberator".
According to tradition, Eros was principally the patron of male love, while Aphrodite ruled men's love of women."

I wanted to do this as a valentine's day thing but i got carried away and turned out... differently o_o
I made him a fox cuz... i dunno, plus it says there that he's mischievous, so it fits him XD
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