Hermes and Eros Picture

yayyyyy ive finally started coloring my art project! and its only due in 2 days *stabs herself* <- now ill have an excuse as to why its not done XDD

anyway, this is Hermes and Eros! incase yuu didnt know *points to the text above their heads* its the second page to my stupid comic "Hypnos" which will be discontinued once i turn in what i have!! hermes was originally a boy, then he wasnt in it at all...and then i was all like 'well wtfh...Hermes is now a girl and a main character' and so here they are! 2 out of 4 main characters Hypnos and Hades are the other 2
and omg Hades isnt evil XDD because he really wasnt >__> but Chronus is! Chronus is Hades and Zues' father...but yuu already knew that, yuu Greek mythology geeks, yuu! *pinches all yuur cheeks*
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