Eros and Phyce Picture

I LOVE Eros and Phyce!!!! I love them more that Hades and Persephone. xD Yes, I AM a Mythology fangirl. But that's why you love me...right? D':

So, yeah, I love the story of Eros, Aphrodite's son, and Phyce, a princess that was more beautiful that Afrodite. :'3 Their story was so beautiful, I friggin' squealed aloud in class when Eros said, "Welcome home." and he embraced her. x'333 I wasn't supposed to be reading the story, but...Shh! Don't tell my teacher I was. D:
I'm gonna start drawing more fanart of the Greek Gods and Goddesses. prepared, I guess. xD

Drawn on newsprint, sketched with colored pencil, traced in .7 lead pencil, colored with colored pencils. :3
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