whispersOFmyPSYCHE Picture

The word "psyche" in Greek means both "soul" and "butterfly". The butterfly is the representation of many things, varying depending on the culture. More commonly known, a butterfly symbolizes transformation or new life, the soul, or new love.

Even better known is the phrase, "Butterflies in my tummy!"

Yes, the feeling of wings fluttering in the depths of you, tingling every sensation and turning every rushing thought in your mind into hopes of dreams come true and fairy tales of happily ever after.


This picture was taken on September 8th, 2009.

It was taken for SoS and I toyed with it a bit because, moreover, I wanted the focus on the butterfly necklace (my favorite necklace of all time!)

I considered myself at the time, broken goods. In the words of J. R. Ward, I was "Ruined. Not broken." But oh to have been revived and struck like lightening, the feeling was breath-taking and ever the more amazing. It was thrilling, sensational, and every bit frightening. I was terrified but I couldn't, and most definitely did not want, to stop the beautiful collision.

In those moments, I just needed the air to be silent, just long enough for me to make out the whispers of my soul...

Sometimes, when you're scared, it's best to just dive in head first.


I don't regret taking that risk for those feelings, nothing could ever compare. It is only unfortunate that the Greek mythology of Eros and Psyche was only just that...

...a myth.
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