W.I.P. as of 6-6-09 Picture

Left: Zodiac Lolita concept work. Up top is Aquarius as a very blue Guro lolita, below the random skin tones are Capricorn (Classic) and Virgo (Country), then hte water trio of Scorpio (Ero), Cancer (Sailor), and Pisces (Wa).

Middle: that HRE and Chibitalia picture, and behind that in blue is a..borderline R-18 DenNor picture. Beneath them are photographs I want to put up and a young!Norway sketch.

Right: "A Swede, a Dane, and a Norwegian are stranded on a desert island..." joke 4-koma,which has been waiting since December to get done. Below them is my Nisse for the Norway cosplay <3 It;s outfit is still the test one, the final version will be better. Then there's Iris & Arke from greek Mythology, and a photograph of a waterfall
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