The Cult. Goddamned Evil. Part One Picture

A comic I did maybe about four years ago....and never finished, of course. Again, I have no idea what I had in mind when I started this comic, but anywaaaay here is the first page for whosever chooses to enjoy it.
It's three members of the demon Cult in my oc Crispin's story in loopy conversation.
They are discussing Tristan, a human child who is inaugurated into the Cult because one of the demonic members, Monme, has taken a liking to him.

In the upper left-hand corner, Cives (another human-though very much adult-member of the Cult) is saying, "This is ridiculous. What is the use of a child to us? Monme is out of his mind."
Then a HAHAHAHAHAHA is heard, and in the bottom panel it is revealed to be Roy, who says, "Since when has ANY of us been IN our minds? We're goddamned INsane!!! Hahahahaha!"

I thought this to be very clever and edgy diaglogue then. XC
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