Alien Photography Picture

Logan and Patrick!

"Smile for the camera, Logan!"
"You're an idiot. *smirk*"
"I bet it looks great!"
"I bet you didn't even get us both in the frame."

Oh em gee~ I came up with a whole idea of how Pat got to earth! It's vaguely cool. I dunno if I'll ever make a story line out of it though. :/

Patrick's full name (and meanings):
Patrick Ian Masaru Pysche

1. Patrician
2. Noble

1. "God is gracious"

1. Victorious

1. Classical Mythology. a personification of the soul, which in the form of a beautiful girl was loved by Eros.
2. (lowercase) the human soul, spirit, or mind.
3. (lowercase) Psychology, Psychoanalysis. the mental or psychological structure of a person, esp. as a motive force.
4. Neoplatonism. the second emanation of the One, regarded as a universal consciousness and as the animating principle of the world.
5. a female given name.

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