Never Mess With Eros Picture

Here's the valentine comic that I promise you guys I said I would. So let me explain several things you might been wondering.

Q: Why would this comic have to do anything about Valentine?
A: Eros (or Cupid) is the god of love! Plus this comic shows from the beginning that he got piles of heart-shaped arrows (known as love arrows) and later shows he have chibi wings.

Q: What was Eros doing with those piles of love arrows?
A: He was organizing the love arrows; making sure those arrows are in tip-top shape and no scratches or dents.

Q: Where did you pop out of nowhere from?
A: Please don't ask me that! I have my ways of making sudden entrances.

Q: OK......-_- So why did you keep calling Eros "Cupid", even when he made it specifically clear not to call him that?
A: Because to me, I like calling him "Cupid"! Plus, "Eros" is a hard name to remember! :3

Q: What's with the big thing that said "DOOM x(" on Eros's head?
A: Oh that's a boulder and I thought it was funny to put it there; it adds humor. XD

Q: Why the endless "BLAH" thing?
A: Because Eros didn't say to stop it and I'll only stop when I say so. XD

Q: What's wrong with Eros when the "BLAH" thing started?
A: First, he was irritated! Second, he was having fear issues. And last, he started to have dizziness.

Q: What with the "1","2" and down pointed arrow?
A: The "1" and "2" are "order" numbers that tells you which quote goes first, then which quotes goes next. The down arrow is the "back up support" just in case if you still don't get it.

Q: Why are you easily fooled by a simple lame trick?
A: People love it when someone gets fooled in the lamest trick ever! XD

Q: Why you being in love with a pillar?
A: It's part of stupidity that brings a good humor.

Q: One last question! Why is this comic more humorous than romantic?
A: I don't feel like making a romantic comic. I suck at that! T_T

Eros belongs to Greek mythology. NOT ME!!! OK?
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