Samuel, Ohra and Kaladriel Picture


This is a drawing I made in one of my french course heheheh XD. I drew one of my soul related party.they are in my god project. Soul related ? Yes. 3 man, with 3 different soul but...1 destiny lol.

The first at the left its Samuel Van Der Hook. One of my first RPG character. I really love him and sometimes he is invading my mind loooll XD. Who he is ? Oh my...its Asmodeus..the demon of Lust in my 7 sins people. ^^ but..this a big innocent calm and gentle brother type..but...on his bad don't want to face him. O.o. He is a military general policeman ^^.

In the middle, Its Ohra. Its my cupidon...or in the Greek mythology its Eros. A passionate and weird guy XD. He loves to protect and he play violin.

At the right, meet Kaladriel Aeran. Its Cassiel, one of the 7 virtue.I play in now on a RPG forum. But I changed him in my stories. He is more strict and gentle type. ^^ pen died on me on that drawing LOL.

(c) me
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