BeteNoire-110915 Picture

Some of the other cast members and rough sketches of Bete Noire characters.
It was really difficult to chose the cast at the beginning. The cast is mostly legendary or mythological creatures, but also fairy tales and folklore and a bit of relation to active religions.

So some of these guys include: Ice Queen (witch), Banshee, Bloody Mary ("BM3"), Satyr, Eros ("Arrows"), Billy Blind, Mermaid, Abarimon, Garuda, Naga, Sandman ("Xander)", Fachen, Catrina, Dullahan ("Derk"), Krampus, Chupacabra, Siren, Undead/Mummy ("Pharaoh"/"Kalid"), Cyclops, Gorgon, Snowman, etc

Others I have yet to draw but surely will: Boogeyman, Tooth Fairy, Amazon, Djinn (Shaitan), Gargoyle, Golem, Spring-heeled Jack, Egyptian death gods (minor characters), and a lot of small fairies, gnomes, trolls, woods people, sprites etc

Characters who will not appear: vampires, werewolves, dragons.
And if you notice, there are very few "Asian" inspired characters. I'm trying to leave those out since I abuse them a lot.

These are very primary sketches. Most of these guys have multiple forms, such as traditional image, modern image, human disguise, etc.
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