Chibi Psyche and Eros Picture

Just a random little something I felt like doing. I just wanted to do a couply picture of Eros and Psyche, and for some odd reason, I had the urge to chibify it. So i took the sketch I did of ~callisto-chan's Christine and Eric, which I forgot to scan in before I sent to her, and copied it for these two, since the picture itself turned out perfectly.

I also decided to play around with this one a little as well, since my original vision for their god outfits was pure white. But that seems too white to me, so I accented it a little. I like it, since it's close enough to the original vision, and the colored bits still make sense. Psyche originally had red to match Eros, but when I added the wings, I thought giving her the purple I associate with her realm of influence would look nice with the blue.
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