Eros Comparison Picture

Since I had done a comparison of versions with Psyche, it seemed only natural that I do one with Eros as well, since he's been around just as long as she has. And since I had an idea for a picture, I just sort of ran with it.

Unfortunately, they aren't linked like Psyche, but considering I wanted the Old Eros to have his arms crossed, that wasn't going to happen, anyway.

Eros never really changed as much as Psyche had. I think his biggest change was going from wavy hair to this current version, mostly because I thought his wavy hair looked a little silly, and I like this on him. Otherwise, appearance wise, he hasn't changed, other than the way I choose colors. His personality hasn't changed, either - he's still a bit jaded, sarcastic, and hates the world he lives in.

His biggest change seems to be his sense of style, which makes sense. I still suck at guy clothes, but at least I give them a generic sense of style now. Eros here gets' college/skater boi'. Back when I designed him, my guy sense of style was even worse, and this is what he ended up wearing. >.O Not very exciting for the God of Love.

I stuck New Eros in his archery equipment because I sort of just felt like it, since I like how 'professional' he looks wearing it. And because I think he wanted to intimidate his old version a little. 'See, I have the ~*~equipment~*~ to go with the job. You had both your instruments taken away by your woman!'

Of course, I couldn't include either of bow and arrow in this because the girls had both of them in their picture, but hey; at least he has something, right? he He typically doesn't wear the button down with his equipment, but since he's not actually working, I guess he figured it was okay. (And I felt like drawing it like that.)

And yes, in the original version, Eros' wings were in fact solid, so I figured I'd go ahead and include that. I'm iffy on his wings, but it's New Eros I care about, and since he turned out great, I don't care.

I laugh at that yellow hair, though. I thought Psyche's change in coloration was funny. This takes the cake.
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