DR: Juliet Westwick Picture

A character I’ve adapted in the hope of getting her into Demigod Rising. She’s originally from my spare time writings, which are also based on Greek Mythology, but I have fun drawing her and see it as another opportunity to improve, so I thought I may as well give it a whirl. Also trying my hand at colouring with a mouse on the computer because my scanner seems to hate happiness.


Thanks so much for accepting me!


Name: Juliet Westwick
Age: 17
Birthday: 4th of May
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 123lbs
Race: Demigod
Sex: Female
God-parent: Aphrodite
Mortal Parent: Christopher Westwick—A man so taken by the tragic romance of the brevity of his fling with Aphrodite that he didn’t want to ever taint it with another relationship.

Go ahead. Impress me.
People nearby Juliet feel the urge to impress her by any means necessary. Doesn’t affect children of Aphrodite or Eros.

MAXED: This power can affect up to five people within a ten metre radius, with the effect lasting for ten minutes max OR one person who is not attracted to women. Juliet is able to control when the power is or isn’t in affect, and can direct the way in which the subject will attempt to amaze her. For example: “I’d be impressed if you killed that monster”.

-Mist form: Hair Stick
-Non-Mist form: Celestial Bronze Hunting Javelin

Personality: Juliet has been so surrounded by the concept of romance her entire life that she finds the idea dull and distasteful. This is not to say that she dislikes love, however. The other forms that love can take, like commitment, friendship, or loyalty are things that she truly admires and values in life. When romantic love comes into the equation however, she’ll whine and groan to no end. As Juliet’s power makes people want to impress her, she has seen some rather remarkable things in her lifetime. Feats of strength, feats of daring, astounding talents, you name it – unfortunately this has had rather the opposite of the desired effect and left her easily bored and very difficult to amaze. She’ll do anything when bored as long as it doesn’t involve a lot of work. She’s a cynical girl often times but is generally friendly despite this. She really enjoys having people around to talk to who won’t be as fixated on romance as her father, and especially loves the idea of having brothers because it means a few more guys who won’t try to hit on her.

Deadly Flaw: Laziness – unless it’s something she enjoys or thinks truly important, Juliet won’t do it. This results in an attitude in which Juliet will ignore areas of expertise in which she lacks skill rather than working to improve them, leaving her vulnerable. If forced to work, she’ll become stubborn and whiney and won’t pay attention to important information, which can be just as bad as not doing the work at all.

Background: Juliet grew up with a loving but somewhat irresponsible father. He’d had a lot of things come easily to him in life due to his good looks and wealthy parents, and, for the most part, the same was true of Juliet. Neither of them tended to do much more than what was required by law or for survival. She was “home schooled”, though there wasn’t much learning, and for a long time it was just her and her dad, and she loved it. However, there are only so many poetic metaphors, stories of love and languid afternoons someone can stand before they begin wanting something a bit more fulfilling. Then she decided that she was lonely enough to enrol herself in an actual school (with her father’s signature where needed, of course). This is when things started getting more difficult.
When she was very young she loved the romantic stories Christopher would tell, just as much as he loved telling them. As she heard the stories again and again, and more and more boys made attempts to woo her, though, she became increasingly sick of and fed up with the concept of romance, favouring values such as commitment over it every time. She wanted to keep looking good and dressing nicely, but she wanted to be treated as something other than an object of desire even more, and hence, made the sacrifice as she saw fit.
Until she was claimed, Juliet had always assumed that Christopher was exaggerating when he said, “your mother was Aphrodite herself”. Once she realised that it was in fact true, and he’d just never expanded on it, she made him explain everything he knew about demigods to her. The idea of a camp that could teach her how to control her powers, or even how to shut them off had her ecstatic.
Gaining control and attending Camp Half Blood until she was 15, she found herself having to leave suddenly when her dad was diagnosed with cancer. She stayed away and cared for him until the doctors said it was in remission and that he was well enough to look after himself again. She originally didn’t plan on returning to the camp, thinking she’d learned more than enough in her first stay, and would rather stay with her dad. However, at the loss of her powers and all the control she’d gained, the sudden influx of romantic offers that came with it left her no choice if she wanted to be treated normally. And so she returned.

Other Info:
-Left Handed
-Became quite the gamer due a lack of outdoor social activity
-Can perfectly forge her father’s signature
-Will always attempt to counteract the effects of her powers with her clothes. It doesn’t really work, but she has an ok thing going at the moment with her clashing, brightly coloured, 90’s style, midriff windbreaker.
-Doesn't take her hair down very often
-Is an absolutely dreadful cook. Seriously. Things explode.
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