Aphrodite and Eros Picture

Just a quick sketch I did of some good old fashioned Greek Mythology in my, admittedly rough, imagining of Olympus. Or, at least, Aphrodite's bit.

Aphrodite, as most will know, is the goddess of love and beauty. She could be sympathetic to lovers, but is mostly characterized as vain and jealous.

Eros is less known, her son and a god in his own right. In Greek, Eros means romantic love. However, in Latin his name was switched to Cupid. Not a naked flying baby, though, Eros was an incredibly handsome young man whose arrows caused those struck to fall in love. He is depicted as blindfolded because, as the Greeks knew, love is blind. (Eh? Eh? See what they did there?) He usually did what his mother told him to, however, his own love story, Cupid and Psyche, is one of my favorites. Check it out!
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