Run!I will protect you! Picture

What happends when a God wants to have everything even his own daughter?
Through greek mythology it is known that Aphrodite born Ares' child,Harmonia, and Harmonia born his daughter Anchimachi one of the Amazons. But what really happened?
Did Ares take the form of an animal like his father was doing? Or he took the form of Harmonia's man Kadmus?
Well this is the scene where Harmonia had learnt the plans of her father about her and she tries to escape asking the help of her brother Eros.
Eros realized that one of his arrows was Harmonia needed really his help.
So this is Harmonia wearing this cursed necklace given by Hephaistus,who was still furious over his wife's betrayal and Eros the God of Love holding with his one hand his bow in case he was going to need it and with his other hand tells his sister to get out of here.

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PS:This is only my point of view of the Greek Mythology. Please show the appropriate respect
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