himeros : frozen wings Picture

Himeros, a character from my story Hermaphroditos's Box. he is an erote, a winged god of love from greek mythology, one of aphrodite's sons along with eros, pothos and hermaphroditos. my version of him is a rather cold, vain and cruel character with a rather interesting sexuality...I'll just leave it at the fact that's he's not your regular passive uke.

he has black hair, but I was really just character sketching and got carried away with it. his fishnet was difficult, for he has white fishnet over olive flesh, and I tried drawing in the flesh and leaving out white, but it didn't work, and settled to erase in the netting. also, the strip over his chest is white and not see-through as it seems, but I tend to draw nude bodies and then add in clothes, and didn't have the heart to erase him. also, I apologize for the sides of the page showing up, I drew him right off the bottom right corner...

[I apologize also for not drawing his trenchcoat, but really, I doubt anyone's complaining.]

anyways, if you're intrigued, why don'tchou follow the boy to chapter ten ? how can you say no to that pout? oh, don't give me that look, he enjoys being used....trust me.
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