Dark Pixie for Wayne and Pixie Picture

MAIN ANIMATION SITE: spiritgumluv.com

In an aside story--I was kinda peeved with my fave band Dommin--as ya'll know I did a fan vid for them which can be found here:


When I met them I was able to ask if they had seen it--they said yes but I never got the sense that they liked it--or so I assumed.

So when they got on the boards thanking numerous fans for gifts and didn't say crap about my video I went off on them a little bit on Twitter and Myspace--LOL!!!!

Not that they HAD to say anything, but when they are thanking folks for gift cards from Best Buy that anyone can go into a store and purchase I felt a bit snubbed.

Well--it must have reached their hearts cause the actual PRODUCER of their album dropped by my twitter to thank me for my support and tell me how much the band loved the animation.

I was shocked.

The incident newly inspired me to get started on a custom animation work for a lady nick named Pixie that I had been procrastinating on -- this render is a still from that work.

here is the vid:


And I promise I am NOT crazy--much...
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