V-Day+Winter's End Patroness Picture

Because I couldn't decide which of my couples to feature for Valentine's Day, and I wasn't inspired to do another complilation picture, I went with doing a bit of mythology-building instead!

You guys miss out on seeing your favorite character and I have to actually do a bit of thinking!

That way everybody loses!


1. Meet Asthore, the goddess of Love and Desire and the patron goddess of Winter's End in Far From Home! Her name is Celtic for "Loved One", hence her Celtic-style dress. Can you tell what her favorite colors are?

2. Trying to play around with using Watercolor on a seperate layer than the Acrylic for makeup. I like the idea that the lipstick/eyeshadow has subtle shades.

Plus I need to work on my lips.

3. I was originally going to keep her a straight blonde, but realized she was the type to have that one little curl of hair change colors to match her outfits.

4. Like, OH MAH CADUCEUS guys, I just saw this CUTE little outifit or hand bag or puppy or something else that made me squeal like a yenta!

I don't even know...I hate hands. I hate them.

5. Because when you're the goddess of Love and Desire you just have to have your different outfits for different occasions/situations. Chibis of her A. Celtic-style dress, B. Greek-style dress, C. Indian sari, and her D. Modern/Going Clubbing/Mardi Gras outifit. There's plenty more but frankly, there's only so much space and so many ideas I have in my head. Trust me when I say you name it, she'd have a dress or outfit for it.

Is also considered neutral when it comes to the Human debate, she helps anybody and everybody fall in love, no matter what size.

6. Yup, she works just like Eros/Cupid. Uses a bow and arrow to have people fall in love. In fact, the legend goes that Desire was brought into the world because she missed her first target and accidentally created the first Love Triangle.

Her bad.

7. Asthore sipping on a Passion Fruit...Smoothie? Slurpee? Either way, she enjoys it along with strawberries and chocolate, so if you want to get on her good side...those are your best bets.

FUN FACT: Caduceus was originally going to be drinking a Slurpee and reading a Terry Pratchet book for some reason during his cameo. Why a Slurpee and Terry Pratchet? Slurpees are awesome and even though I have never read any of his books, I hear Pratchet is awesome as well.


Asthore (c) Me!
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