Eros Picture

I made this picture as a cooperation with my friend, Charoi. I drew the Eros and my friend drew the backgrounds. ^^

Sooo, what do I have to say about this one? Well, I came up with the urge to draw the Eros from the Greek mythology when I was a bit bored at my school's art club and read through some art books, where I saw a beautiful sculpture of Eros and Psyche. I became interested about Greek mythology and later searched more information about it. Especially about this guy here. ^^ I drew him like I would imagine him, and a bit more modern style. : P

And Charoi, who did the background, was inspired when she read about how Eros enjoys seeing people suffering for love. Yes, that human on the bench is gonna be the next to suffer. >: )

Link to Charoi's gallery: [link]
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