Relaxing v. 2 Picture

Edit 8-30-12: Edited to change Psyche's hair to her current version.

This is a redo picture, despite the fact that the original was done in February. Basically what happened is that I've been waffling between doing this and Elemental Spirits for NaNo for a little while now, and the urge to so MDC is currently stronger. Might be because I've finally gotten ~anijel's character designs for her potential NaNo story, and since I figure I could write MDC to make her feel a little better about not writing insane wordcounts like I usually do, I managed to associate MDC with her story.

And working on her characters, naturally, gets my muse on MDC.

Of course, the main reason I decided to reink this is mostly so I could make a banner for the website, and I wanted the pictures to reflect my new, prettier inking style.
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