Chibi Practice - OC Agape Revamp Picture

Wanted to draw my OC Agape because I’ve been revamping her a bit here and there. I wanted to try to make her look a little bigger sized and plainer since that’s how she is, but all my earlier works had her pretty skinny. I also wanted to try to make a more detailed outfit since the one I had on her before was really quite bland.
Basically she was first created due to a small project I had to do in my Greek Mythology class in high school. The teacher had us make our own god and small backstory. I don't remember much of what I actually wrote, but I do remember I named her Agape, she is a goddess of unconditional love and soulmates, and her parents are Eros and Aphrodite(I went by the stories that had Eros as one of Chaos's children).
She pretty much only knows her father though because her mother didn't really want anything to do with her because she wasn't physically very beautiful. She's also quite shy around others and tries to stay away a lot because her mother would put her down because of her appearance most of the time when they were together, and so she doesn't really feel like she's good enough to be around others. For ones she actually does become close with, she can be very light hearted and cheerful around them, though she'll still be more quiet and try not to act too noticeably due to her mother's insults over time.
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