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HNNG. It's all *Gloomy--Rainbow's fault. Blame her for this monstrosity. Also WARNING LOTS OF TEXT.

This is Hathor Cerigo (Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of love, and Cerigo is another name for Venus or Aphrodite). Her title is the Lover of Void, and her Screen Name would be vanusGoddess. Her mark symbol thing is Venus and she has yellow blood, putting her fairly low on the scale. She doesn't really pay much attention to the caste, but then again she doesn't pay much attention to anything.

She's very laid back and quite sleepy, often to the point of extreme laziness or lethargy. She often forgets things, and when speaking to her she will often forget the thread of the conversation half-way through. Some think it's because of the heat on her world - she lives in the LAND OF HISTORY AND RUIN, a desert world that never sees night and is completely covered in sand. However, she lives underground in a large series of caves fitted with computers and technology - as well, it's cooler. When she goes up to the surface, she wears a turban to keep the sun and sand from her eyes. She also wears less clothing than other trolls, half because she doesn't like clothing and half because it's so freaking hot. There are pyramids and the area looks vaguely Egyptian, with columns and ruins sticking out of the sands.

Her speech is quite lazy. She'll forget words or go on tangents, doubling the last letter of every word to show her laziness. In cases of double letters (e.g. ball) she will just duplicate them (Ballll). Other than that, she has fairly good grammar. She never swears. It's also quite easy to change the conversation, but you may find yourself repeating things over and over. She also takes forever to reply to things.

"Ii don'tt gett whyy everyonee mee."

"W]+[AT ]?["



"...Ii don'tt recallll. Whatt weree wee talkingg aboutt againn?"

Her Lusus is a vaguely bird looking thing named [Eros], and is dumber than a box of rocks. It's often seen looking wall-eyed and drools a lot. Sometimes it doesn't move and just stares at the wall.

Hathor isn't very bright and is afraid of a lot of things. For example, a beetle that she has never seen before will completely freak her out and she'll hide from it. After she hides, she'll probably forget why she was hiding and come out again, see the same beetle, and repeat the process all over again.

Her horns curl behind her head, and make a vague heart-shape when viewed from behind. She loves romance novels.

She uses the FanKind Spectibi, and her Fetch Modus is the Metal Detector kind. Cards are logged three rows deep, the first holding non-metal items, the second being sort of metal items, and the last row being fully metal. If she wants something, she needs to search for it. This means it takes her a while to find what she is looking for, and she will need to try several times because she usually gets something else. Once "unearthed" the card is immediately used. If not needed, it will be "buried" once again. The process takes less time if she can remember where she buried things, but since her memory is about as good as a half-retarded goldfish, she can never remember where she puts things. Half the time she forgets what she's looking for anyways.


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