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"Most thought, at one time, that the old gods were gone. Most also thought that Eros and Cupid were one and the same. Most now know, some to their cost, that both assumptions are untrue. Eros, the god of passionate love, has a fleet of Cupids at his disposal, delivering his arrows across the world. After all, with the billions of people in the world today, Eros would find it difficult to keep up on his own, demigod or no. He acquires his followers from those who are lucky in 'love' and who are willing to share the wealth, as it were. Those people are given the necessary accouterments, the ability to fly, and nigh-immortality, in order to further Eros' mission of spreading the love everywhere willy-nilly.

"Cupids are invisible to the human eye unless they choose otherwise. Curiously, in one of the ways that belief feeds the gods, Eros and Cupids did not originally have wings, and the wings that they do have are decorative and nonfunctional; their powers of flight are unrelated. As a result, while all Cupids have wings, their appearance varies wildly, according to the tastes of the Cupid involved.

"Modern Cupids also have a well-earned reputation for their frequently perverse approaches to their calling."

--I. Noah. Lott, professor of mythology, "How to avoid the gods of love, and what to do when that fails," The New Old Gods and How They Roll (New York: Pantheology Press, 2013).

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