Psychanalyse of Freud's dream Picture

Difficult to explain this in english.

I took different pictures, which I stick on a paper.

The water is the main element: it's remind the water of dreaming, and it's directly linked with the ocean. The moon influences the ocean, and women: that's why we can see a pregnant woman. We all know that the moon influences women's menstruation. It symbolizes the pulsion of life. Babies in her stomach are connected to each other: references to "Malaise dans la civilisation" and to Oeudipe's complex.

Freud is the man who's dreaming, it's clear: all the things of this artwork are refering to his theories.
I represent bananas as phallus, and there are elements of his theorie about Eros and Thanatos: pulsion of life and pulsion of death.

Simply, we can see Thanatos at the top of the pict: it's an iris which represents Pluto, the planet of the death. Thanatos, Hadès in the greek mythology. On the iris, we can see an ant, an element which is refering to Dali. Dali painted ants on his work because there always were on the dead bodies. In my artwork, Freud is dreaming about an Dali's ant, because Dali shown his surrealist art to Freud. We can suppose that surrealism is a psychanalycal art, which concerns the psychism.

On the sand, we can see a pictore of the Nightmare of Füssli. I took this because it's refering to psychose, and it reminds me hysteria. I guess that Freud saw many hysterical women like this...

Scuse my english...
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