Psyche Picture

My contest entry for ~jouker101.

By the way, her eye color is Magenta, like my other OC TenderHeart's color.

Inspired from a story called "Cupid and Psyche" in Greek Mythology.

Clementine "Psyche" Swirl

Name: Clementine Swirl
Nickname: Psyche
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Back-Story: Psyche was born in a Myth-lovers family in Ponyville. At the age of 6, she read dozens of Mythology-related books and also about true love. From there, she grown up into a beautiful and wise mare because of what she learn from myths. All of the ponies loves her. But not all of the ponies loves her, not even "like" her too. Swan Wing, another beautiful mare, got jealous and was beaten by Psyche's beauty. So she commanded her miscellaneous brother Eros Flight to destroy Psyche's beauty by pranks. But when he was about to see Psyche, he became one of the stallions who loved her so much... The story will be told more in my Tumblr Account.
Personality: Psyche is a kind-heated, open-minded, and humble young mare who loves reading myths and hearts and hooves day. She could be sometimes clumsy at some ways but some stallions think it's cute.
Like: Mythology, especially love stories, Hearts and Hooves Day, chocolates, flowers, hearts, and other fluffy stuffs.
Dislikes: Trouble, War, Cheaters, Doubts, Mean People, Pickles (she's allergic)

Hope you like it ^^

Program Used: Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CS3
Making of this art: 1 hour and 10 minutes

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