The Lover Left Wondering Picture

She lets out a solemn sigh,
As velvet petals rest upon her lips,
Her mind lost in daydreams,
In attempt to scorn jealous quips,

She let her dream fly unbridled,
For it was all she could do,
She could put no face to her lover’s name,
Though he declared his love is true,

He comes to her only at night,
Perhaps he is shy or perhaps he is ghoulish,
He was a man she promised to never see,
To gaze upon him would certainly be foolish,

And yet…

Helios will be resting until tomorrow,
“Tonight I will see who I’ve chosen to be mine,”
In the darkness of this night
On his face her light will shine.

This is a loose retelling of the myth of Cupid (Eros) and Psyche. This is only part of the story, meant to show what Psyche might have been thinking when she decided to steal a glance at her beloved.

Wow, I actually finished something... It only took a year...
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