Happy Easter: Cammy style Picture

Happy Easter everyone! Alright, alright. I know. Easter isn't till another four days away, but if I didn't post this now, I would forget or not have the time.

One thing about Cammy... on any holiday that he gets candy, this is what you can expect from him. As soon as he gets up, sitting in front of his couch and stuffing his face! Wrappers are everywhere, as he eats the deliciousness that is Chocolate!

Right now, he is contemplating the awesomeness of the chocolate egg, and thinking he shouldn't eat any more, but he just can't help himself. Just this one more piece...

As a quick alternative, something else Cammy would do, he would eat your chocolate, and when you see him and ask, he would of course deny it. That would be easier, without the chocolate goatee thing going on.

Well, enjoy!
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