Phantasos Picture

Meet one of Morpheus's two brothers, Phantasos. His name leaves two legacies in the English language: Phantom and Fantasy.

He offers stranger dreams with no real meaning, the kinds you wake up from going: "What the fuck was that all about?". However, depending on what gate he flies through with his brothers, he can also leave people cryptic visions of something that is soon to happen.

He has a better shape-shifting ability than his brothers, but his mimicry is nothing compared to that of Morpheus. He is able to turn into anything in a dream, but he is unable to hold it very well. He is the slowest of the three for his wings are much smaller, but he prefers taking his time anyway.

Phantasos has a hard face to read as it always seems to mask his emotions. It is actually not difficult to see what he is actually feeling for the face on his hood displays his actual emotions. For example: He questions your sanity at the moment, but you amuse him.


Soon to come: Phobetor and Eros.


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