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Models - Lucy and her lovely friend Jess

I have started including my Model’s & their various Photography or Illustration Myspace pages at the bottom of my description. Please take the time to check out their work as they are all incredibly talented in their given fields. Not just pretty faces at all

Zodiac - Pisces
I’m putting together some Zodiac images to do a Calendar The basis for the mythology surrounding Pisces has its origins in the story of Aphrodite and Eros, and their clever escape from the dreadful monster Typhon. The story goes that Aphrodite and Eros were enjoying themselves along the Euphrates river, when suddenly Typhon came charging down upon them. To escape the monster they dived into the river and transformed themselves into fish, to help them move more swiftly through the water. They also tied themselves together with a cord so they wouldn't lose one another in the dark and chilly depths. This is the story that supplies the modern symbolic representation of Pisces, the image of two fishes tied together with a cord. (REF - [link] )

Jess is Lucy’s best friend and had been up for the weekend so I asked her if she’d jump in my Pisces shoot with Luce, don’t they both look gorgeous!

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**Please respect my models in your comments. They are my friends and housemates, not professional models and do this as a favour to me and therefore do not wish to be critiqued.**

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