Pysche's Hobbies Picture

This actually came about after I decided to watch the Hercules, the Legendary Journeys episode that featured Cupid and Psyche. Basically, since the show didn't really follow any of the myths, Psyche was the daughter of a friend of Hercules, who was having a wee bit of trouble with all the guys wanting to marry her, and she wasn't interested in a domestic life. Hercules comes to town, and she develops a little crush on him because of his adventurous life.

Like in the myth, Aphrodite doesn't care for Psyche, and wants her son, cupid, to make her fall in love with someone simple. Cupid, naturally, likes her, and Aphrodite is upset because she doesn't want her son to be in love with a mortal. She enlists Hercules' help in the matter, and one thing leads to another, and, well...Hercules ends up getting shot with in love with Psyche, and turns into a huge sap, which was sort of funny.

(Psyche and Cupid do end up together at the end of the episode, so it works out.)

The second part of the joke comes from the fact that I noticed one of the guest star's names looked awfully familiar, and that I could have sworn I had seen the actor playing Cupid before. It hit me halfway through with he was the guy who played D.r McCoy in the Star Trek reboot, and...yeah, that created a lot of funny images.
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