When Ares thought up the idea of a late night seduction, it seemed pretty sound at the time, but seeing Venus' ever darkening face indicated that he might have made a misstep or two in the process.

He smiled grimly at his own folly--goddess were extremely vengeful--and powerful...he had to tread lightly...

"I feel as if I have taken hold of a viper and I fear releasing it" he replied,kissing her ear...

"And well you should Ares, sneaking up on a lady unannounced! "

"Allow me to explain my intentions Goddess, on the proviso of course, that you will not launch me into another dimension upon your release"

"I shall make no such promise" She growled.

Ares eyes flashed, "Lest you forget Venus, I am indeed the God of war, well versed in battle and ready to take on any challenge."

"And lest you forget, I am the goddess of love," Venus countered, "Warrior wounds heal and scab over, love wounds seldom do."

Ares contemplated her words a moment "Will you at least allow me a headstart towards the door...?"
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