ThisisaPartofMe Picture

After almost a month, it is done!
This was to commemorate 5 years on deviantArt. [: which was a month ago |D
Starting from the very top on the left;
Duncan "Jack" Knight Woods
Right bellow him is [Phaedra] "Phae" August, Orion Mors, and Adrian Foley
The three squished together are Mr. D, Argus, and Chiron
Above them is Lynna Kritkos-Song
Then TJ's mother, Roslyn Stofferson
Bellow her is Eros, or what I think Eros would look like he looks like Izaya Orihahra
Under Adrian's smiling face is Stefan Chevalier
Then tiny Shiloh who's photobombing and Jason
Tiny James
The five are Elenore Tobberman, Ivy Nkosi-Seeley, Angelie Thatcher, Markus "Mark" White, and Avery Scott
Aymee Madison-Davis has her own giant thing I wonder why
Between TJ's legs is Alex Klees I wonder whyyyyy
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