Best AU Win_Greek Mischief Picture

Yes, I'm doing awards again, but I really had fun with this one. I was inspired by an RK story to do a Greek theme and I've had this picture of Aprhodite and Eros forever and I really liked it get the picture. Pencil sketch colored with photoshop and then messed around with to make it look old. Experimented with a very airy painting style with this and like the way it turned out, though I don't think it would work in most pictures.

I specified characters because neither of them really look like themselves, but I don't think anyone will particularly mind. Just love Kagome's dress. I want a dress just like that. Um...drawn without any anime reference so if there are flaws on Shippo, whom I've never actually done before, sorry about that.

Also had an amusing mental conversation in my head while I was drawing this.

Kag: You see that silver haired, dog eared jerk down there?
Ship: Yeah.
Kag: Be a good boy and shoot him.
Ship: But won't that...
Kag: That's the idea.
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