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Name: Kahlista Pieris
Nicknames: Kahli, Lissa, 'MLP'
Species: Pegasus

Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: Junior

Height: 5' 5"
Hair / Tail: Pink
Wings: Charcoal Grey
Eyes: Gold

Family: Both parents and an older brother, Alexander, whom she completely adores...

School schedule: Creative Writing | Economics | Pre-Calculus | Chemistry | Latin | Athletics
Extracurricular Activities: Track & Field (200 meter dash, hurdles, high jump, and relays), and Latin Club

Style: Sporty prep...
Favorite Accessories: Her lucky sneakers, tanktops/sleeveless shirts, cell phone, and small trinket jewelry (studs, beads, hair clips, charm bracelet, etc)...

Personality: Extremely, extremely competitive and outspoken... but although she's comes across as energetic and confident, it's really just a front for her sensitive nature. She's the eternal worrywart, and strongly feels the need prove her worth (to herself and to others)... basically, don't tell her that she can't do something, because she will do everything in her power to prove otherwise. For the most part, boys get on her nerve and are usually the ones to make her extremely agitated and competitive. It drives her nuts when guys say she can't do something because 'she's a girl', and because of this she sees them as the competition. After a 'battle', she requires much rest to recoup from the excessive drain of energy, and has been known to fall asleep at random places... sometimes even standing up. Superstitious to a very high degree, she keeps an assortment of lucky charms on her person at all times... likes horoscopes/fortune telling, and is terrified of ghosts/horror films. Unfortunately, she is also very easily startled, and will instinctively act out in self-defense when spooked. Kahli has a strong sense of fair fights, and will stick up for underdogs. Outside of Track, she has her moments of ultimate klutz (walks into doors, tables, lockers, people; trips on own two feet; drops things... alot). One could say she's only really graceful when she's focused on running and jumping. And.... she also might sorta kinda like and respect her self-proclaimed "eternal rival" Arden.... but she'll NEVER admit it... >>;;;

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