Psyche Entering Cupids Garden Picture

IN PROGRESS: Or 'Psyche Entering the Garden of Eros' as it should really be. This is part of my on going Modern Pre-Raphaelite Project. I've added a statue of Eros in the background is based on the on a Piccadilly Circus, London by Alfred Gilbert. I've also added a Leptosia Nina butterfly (Psyche Butterfly) as a butterfly is on of Psyche's symbols in mythology and symbolises the soul.

The myth of Cupid and Psyche was told by Apuleius in his book 'Metamorphoses or the Golden Ass' and the part of the story were having lost all hope of ever getting married, Psyche told her parents to leave her on a mountain, where the monster would come and take her, just like the oracle had said. But Zephyr came and took Psyche to a beautiful valley, where she saw a wonderful garden. She entered the garden and voices of invisible servants welcomed her.

This is based on J.W. Waterhouse's painting of the same name. He is one of my favourite painters and the last and late Pre-Raphaelite.

Oil on hardboard

8" x 12"

(sorry for terrible photie)
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