Emi Picture

Yugioh oc, but no canon ygo characters. only cards 8D

Name: Emi Kurosawa
Age: 15
Birthday: June 1
Western Zodiac: Gemini
Hair: green, long in the front, short in the back, all very curly
Eyes: green
Height: 5' 1
Weight: 130
Occupation: duelist, high school student, roller skating
Deck: fairy/power (entirely original set of cards)
Ruling God: Eros
Personality: total tsundere (that pretty much sums it up) and also the anti-hero to Yuuka (as does that) seems kind of like a badass with an even worse attitude, but is really just a little teddy bear
Hobbies: dueling, roller skating
Dislikes: people staring at her, receiving challenges
Favorite food: american chocolate candies

emi (c) me
original yugioh concept (c) takahashi
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