English Project pt.1 Picture

Yeah, not much stuff on it. I'm actually in a hurry to finish these all... I'm gonna change the signature on the bottom to my actual name after I post this.

So I'm doing Cupid&Psyche in English as my Mythology project. Two more parts coming, to be done by Tuesday.
No black butler till I'm done... I have motivation, you see.
Meanwhile, I'm working on a comic with Remzley and the gang. And I'm just doing it for fun, cause I've been reading Furuba and watching anime like nobodies business, and I REALLY have been wanting to see Remzley's in that format, so I'm doing it myself. Whether it gets on DA or not is yet to be decided. If I have some funny things, which I plan on having, that I want to share, I might post.
I know the whole Oromondo thing didn't work out too well... At least I didn't advertise it out the wazoo and then just drop it. And plus it's not totally deleted yet...

So yeah, enjoy the fruits of my speedy labor.

Aphrodite+Cuped- the old greeks
art- me
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